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EFS Group Wealth Management

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Why We Do It


Maintaining financial independence and the desire to continue their active lifestyle is what motivates many of our clients to use our services at EFS Group.

Whether your retirement calendar is filled with church, enjoying a cruise, dancing, golfing, joining friends for dinner, taking in a concert or a sporting event or taking your grandchildren to a movie, you deserve to know you’ll remain financially able to maintain your active retirement lifestyle. We’re committed to the financial success of every client we serve, and our goal is to help guarantee a lifetime of retirement income.*

Retirees are increasingly living longer, fuller lives, and we’re committed to the financial independence and well-being of every client we serve. That means helping to ensure that you have enough income to meet your needs for the rest of your life, period.

Our goal is to work with you to design the retirement strategy you want that will help keep you on the path toward financial confidence and independence.

Here at EFS Group, our team has been assisting clients for 15 years. You’ve worked hard for your money. We’ll work just as hard to help you protect and grow it.

As financial advisors, we’re committed to you. That’s why we keep our retirement strategies simple, straightforward and easy to understand. We begin by listening to you, because it is our

responsibility to thoroughly understand your future financial goals. Then, we provide a realistic assessment that helps identify opportunities to enhance your current retirement income plans, because everyone deserves a confident, independent retirement.