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Will you be enjoying your retirement?

Will you be enjoying your retirement?

December 30, 2020

Have you started planning out your retirement dreams? Most of us develop a vision that includes spending time relaxing, traveling, taking up new hobbies, meeting new friends, and reconnecting with old ones.

Dreaming about the future feels good; but actually making retirement dreams come true only happens when you’ve planned for it, kept an eye on expenses, and saved as much as you could over many years of working hard and building your career.

Even when you’ve tried to do everything right, sometimes life gets in the way. So how can you be sure you’re on track to achieve everything you’ve worked for and dreamed about? In reality, everyone’s situation is different, so there’s no guaranteed measure. But in general, there are a few guidelines and benchmarks that can help you see where you are on the road to retirement.

This flyer from Ivy Investments covers five milestones leading up to retirement and can help you judge how close you are to your dreams, whether it’s 10 years away or even just one.

Have a look, and no matter where you land, let’s talk about it and see how we can get you closer to where you want to be.