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Custom Retirement Advice

You are successful and just beginning to experience retirement. Most people are afraid of running out of money in retirement. We offer a strategy for those fears. We take the time to get to know you, to build relationships and friendships with you.  We help you clarify and pursue your goals for retirement through our unique EFS Group Wealth Management process. We offer you the following commitments:


  • Every effort is made to understand your unique needs, values, and goals before recommending any financial strategies. The advice you receive is specifically designed to be suitable and appropriate based on your objectives.

  • Our Professional Advisory Network provides you with creative strategies to your most pressing financial challenges. A customized investment plan is based on well-researched, academically sound investment strategies for you.

  • We regularly and systematically monitor your investment portfolio. We encourage you to share your opinions, request explanations and express your preferences. In return, we are straightforward and sincere in all of our actions with you, our valued client.

This process enables us to recommend a personalized portfolio designed to meet your needs and to help you enjoy the retirement you’ve earned.

Do you Need a Professional Opinion?

You may need to take income from your investments after you stop receiving a regular paycheck. We can help you figure out how, without depleting your funds.

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