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Why Asset Management is Important

Client Centered

Individuals and families depend on the assets they accumulate over the years, being able to sustain them later in life – in retirement or in the event of an unforeseen need. However, not everyone has the time to monitor and manage those assets. And even if you do have the time, you might not have the skills and patience to do so. In not managing your assets diligently over your accumulation phase, you could leave them exposed to erosion, destruction or depletion. The result: You might not have those assets (or a significant portion of them) in times of need.

The EFS Difference

EFS Group Wealth Management consists of four advisors and additional support staff, together they have over 100 years of combined experience.  EFS Group began in the Terra Centre in downtown Sioux City in 1994. They had a vision to grow their business through educational meetings, thus the name Educational Financial Services or E.F.S. Group as it was known as back then. They held many corporate seminars and public meetings teaching the importance of financial planning and responsibilities.

As the business continued to grow, they became more focused on Retirement Income Distribution. Their focus was to work with successful people at or near retirement, creating solutions for clients in their retirement years. As they restructured and targeted a specific type of financial planning they referred to the business as Elite Financial Services Group or EFS Group.

In 2006, EFS Group joined Securities America as their Independent Broker Dealer. Securities America offered unique strategies for retirement income distribution and many other programs which offered the best solutions for their clients. 

Together with the whole EFS Group team and the guidance of the Practice Management team at Securities America, EFS Group Wealth Management as they are now referred to, has continued to thrive and has over $300 million in assets under management.

EFS Group Wealth Management’s mission is to be indispensable in helping their clients make educated retirement decisions through uncompromising integrity, trust and personalized service. They believe that if they are successful in adding value to their client’s lives, their business will continue to thrive. More importantly, they will help their client’s retirement dreams become reality. 

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