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For over 30 years, EFS Group Wealth Management has worked in our clients’ best interests by working and performing independently rather than follow standard industry practices.  Our personalized approach is our total commitment to serving our clients and makes us unique in our Siouxland community.  We are local, independent and we can proudly say that we think and act independently.

As a fiduciary, we always put your interests first.  We have built our business around that philosophy.  We don’t have incentives to sell you commission-based financial products nor do we place trades in your account when it doesn’t suit your needs and goals.  Our straightforward approach and simple fee structure aligns your best interests with our business model.    When we do better, you do better.  

We take the time to get to know you.  We respect how hard you have worked and all that you put into building your nest egg.  We ask questions about your goals and needs, your lifestyle, your expenses, your health, your family, your interests all as a way to better understand what your financial goals are.  Then we can recommend a personalized portfolio plan designed to meet your needs and goals and to help you enjoy the retirement you so richly deserve.

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